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The key difference with what I do compared to others, is I do not tell you what to do. I help you to understand about nutrition. Teach you about the good and bad carbs, proteins & fats. Help you understand what your body needs. So not only will you achieve your goals, but with your new understanding, you are able to maintain your goals. It is not just about the now, it is also about the future and maintaining what you have achieved

Everything I do is personalised. We are all different. It is not a 'one diet fits all here' . I get to know your likes, dislikes, and your lifestyle to send you on the right path to helping you achieve your goals. All advice given will be based on the highest standard of scientific evidence, and experience.

In addition to weight loss, general health and treating medical complaints, I can also advise on sports nutrition and eating disorders. Pre and post competition food plans for athletes, sculpt muscle or tackle an endurance challenge. Knowing how to apply the science of nutrition to your training plan can enhance your performance, aid recovery and help you to achieve your best.

As well as myself, I have a team of qualified nutritionists that specialise in weight loss, health management including eating disorders, nutritional advice, management of diabetes & cholesterol and much much more.

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Sports Nutrition

NutriTrim  provides individual  nutritional food plans designed around you and your you chosen sport. Plans for healthy  weight loss or gain, Pre & Post competition meals for ultimate endurance

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Weight loss

NutriTrim provides individual nutritional weight management plans design around you and you lifestyle. This is whether you need to lose a few extra pounds or need to lose a larger amount of weight. With support throughout to help to achieve your goals

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Online Food Plans

You can also buy food plans. Not just your standard food plan but there are many options you can choose from. Everyone is different and have different goals. Take a look at our food plans and choose which one is best for you.

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Weight Loss Retreats

NutriTrim Well Being Retreats. Again everything is bespoke to you and your needs in the sunshine,  Alicante Spain. There are 3 locations to choose from so why not click the link below and take a look.

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Nutrition At Home

We receive referrals from hospitals, clinics and clubs to visit patients in the comfort of their own home

About me......

Nutritrim Nutritionist helping you improve you

I am Sharon Armstrong, dipN, SACdip, with a Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutritionist, including Sports Nutrition and also a Diploma in Psychology. Originally from the UK, working in Clinics and online specializing in weight loss, maintenance of diabetic patients, recovering from illness or injuries and eating disorders. Other Specialties is working with sports academies to improve endurance for their athletes chosen sport. I look to educate, motivate and inspire people to lead healthy, balanced lives, achieving their desired goals. Through the love of nutrition keeping on top of advancements in diet and nutrition.

I had was overweight as a teen and lost the weight over time through trial and error. From there moved into modelling which also has it's issues with weight management. Because of this I had a real desire to learn about nutrition and help others to understand nutrition.

Educating and helping patients to lead a healthy lifestyle is my key aim and therefore strives to achieve that.