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Customer Testimonials

Sharon is a very skilled writer. She writes as if talking to the reader. She definitely knows a lot about nutrition and diet plans for diabetic patients. Great work!

Ton - Philippines 

Outstanding experience, Sharon aided me in alot of ways in my project and used her knowledge and field of expertise to advise me. Would recommend!

NG - Singapore

Lost 4KG in 2 weeks! Bring it on! Thanks for your support Sharon!

Mike - US

Started with Sharon to improve my performance on the court. Completely changed my food. I can feel a difference for sure.

Duke - Spain

Been Overweight (Obese actually) for so many years. Tried a few things but after been referred to Sharon... wow 8kg in the first 2 weeks and a steady 2kg a week since. I actually didn't think it was possible. Thanks so much so far!

Mike - From UK, Lives in Spain

I was referred to Sharon by my GP as he said I needed to loose weight and manage my diabetes. I have found Sharon to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and happy to spend the time and listen. She goes into great detail and I completely trust her advice. I lost 6 KG in the first 3 weeks and overall feel great right from the first appointment! Thanks Sharon!

Hellen - Valencian Community

Sharon's knowledge of Nutrition is clearly in-depth and has a lot of business knowledge. Been a great help

Rob - UK

I must say that after 4 weeks of being a patient of Sharons, my lifestyle has completely changed for the better! For the first time, I feel totally in control and have a whole new outlook on life. I have made permanent changes to my lifestyle, and I can now fit into clothes I have not worn in over 5 years.

Danika  - Valencian Community

Started Meal plan 2 weeks ago. The best bit... the support from Sharon is second to none. I''m so looking forward to continuing my journey with you :)

Julian - UK

I recently got my Meal Plan from Nutritrim. It has to be the best I've seen. It is so detailed. Not just putting together a few meals, they have taken into account all my illnesses and explained what foods will help with what! And even a handy shopping list at the end! Fab 10/10

Julia - UK